Trace Walkathon with a $40,000 goal is our Biggest Fundraiser of the Year!
Fri, Oct 25th 2019, 8:30am-4pm

The PTO Walkathon event starts during the school day for students and extends after school until 4pm for those students that want to continue. Sharkie will be there after school to root students on!

Volunteer for the 2019 Walkathon!

Trace PTO needs your help! Join us as a volunteer at Trace Elementary. It will be fun and we could use your support!! Click here for details.

Each Trace parent volunteer will receive a Golden Tiger Ticket (worth 50 tickets)  and be entered into the Disneyland ticket raffle. 

Donations, Prizes, and Tips!

Prizes are awarded for number of laps and/or the amount of sponsorship $$ each student raises. Click here to review the prizes. Don’t forget, all proceeds come back to the school!

To donate towards a specific student, click here and search for the student’s name.

Parents and students can use the following tips to have a successful fundraiser:

  • Post it on your Facebook page! For more detailed steps on how to post your child’s fundraising page, click here.
  • Decide on your goal and work out how many people you likely need to ask to get that amount.
  • Please consider company match! More details here.
  • Create a list of friends and family that you plan to ask.
  • Practice “asking to support Trace’s Walkathon fundraiser” with your child; be sure to ask some questions so they can practice answering.

More Resources:

Note, prizes are subject to change. The $250 prize is now a 29″ sloth in hoodie as shown in the prize sheet below.

  • Prize Sheet – describes the prize(s) available for laps and donations.
  • Pledge Sheet – found on the envelopes distributed.