Update from Ms. Alvarez, Trace Principal, on November 10th, 2021: 

Key Points: 

  • Science Camp trip to Camp Campbell will now be a daytime trip only from 9am-4pm, with students taking the bus to and from Camp Campbell daily January 4-7th. 
  • New Cost: 
    • $260 per student for the 4 day trips
    • Total cost for all students: Approx. $39,000
  • See Ms. Alvarez’s full message below: 

Dear 5TH Grade Trace Families,

Science Camp is the most exciting part of the year for our 5th Grade students, and it is an event that engages our students in real-life science applications.  While our community has begun to plan our science camp experience, we are still living in times of uncertainty and still in times of a pandemic.

January is fast approaching, and we want to inform you that we have come up with an alternative, safer science camp experience.  We have requested to participate in a daily science camp experience rather than an overnight experience. 

Camp Campbell ran a day camp during the 2019-2020 school year and has offered this option to our SJUSD schools.  The cost will be $65 per student per day, which turns out to be $260. The program runs from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm, and this includes all the nature instruction and experience, a hot lunch, and a heavy snack in the afternoon.

We would need to meet at school around 8:00 am or earlier on Tuesday, January 4th through Friday, January 7th to ensure our students arrive on time for Science Camp.  We would also need to make arrangements to ensure that students are picked up on time upon returning to school.

We appreciate everyone’s support as we make this change to our original plans.  We look forward to planning science camp in conjunction with our PTO and our 5th-grade classroom teachers.  We will provide additional information once we have worked out all the logistical plans.  Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your classroom teacher.


Every year, Trace 5th grade students and teachers attend Camp Campbell Outdoor Science School. Nestled in the redwood forest in Boulder Creek, students learn about nature through hands-on experiences. They stay in warm cabins with private restrooms, and participate in daily activities including outdoor science classes, hiking in the forest, and fun team building activities.
Cada año, los estudiantes y maestros de Trace de quinto grado asisten a la escuela de ciencias al aire libre Camp Campbell. Ubicado en el bosque de secuoyas en Boulder Creek, los estudiantes aprenden sobre la naturaleza a través de experiencias prácticas. Se alojan en cabañas cálidas con baños privados y participan en actividades diarias que incluyen clases de ciencias al aire libre, caminatas en el bosque y actividades divertidas de trabajo en equipo.

Trace 5th Grade Teachers Science Camp Presentation/ Presentación del campamento de ciencias para maestros de 5to grado de Trace:

This wonderful trip is one that the Trace PTO wants all Trace students to experience! There is no funding available for the trip through the school or SJUSD- funding for all 5th grade students to attend must come from Voluntary Donations and Fundraising!

Cost per Student: $330 

Total Cost for ALL 5th Grade Students to Attend: $49,000 

We are asking 5th grade families to consider donating as much as they are able to in order to send all 5th grade students to Camp Campbell! Remember no donation is too small or too big to help our students have this great experience! 

¡Este maravilloso viaje es uno que Trace PTO quiere que todos los estudiantes de Trace experimenten! No hay fondos disponibles para el viaje a través de la escuela o del distrito (SJUSD). Los fondos para que todos los estudiantes de quinto grado asistan deben provenir de donaciones voluntarias y recaudación de fondos.

Costo por estudiante: $ 330 

Costo total para que asistan TODOS los estudiantes de quinto grado: $ 49,000

¡Les pedimos a las familias de quinto grado que consideren donar tanto como puedan para poder enviar a todos los estudiantes de quinto grado a Camp Campbell! ¡Recuerde que ninguna donación es demasiado pequeña o demasiado grande para ayudar a nuestros estudiantes a tener esta gran experiencia!

In order for 5th grade students to attend, the total cost for ALL students must be raised through Voluntary Donation and Fundraising. No student/family is required to donate the individual cost per student, and no donations will be associated with an individual student. All students, regardless of their ability to pay, are invited to attend camp. 

IMPORTANT: All Donations will be to the total Science Camp Fund- Not individual students. 

There will be no refunds for any donations made via Voluntary Donation or fundraising efforts. 

If no students attend Science Camp (event cancelled) Donated Funds will be used for an alternate activity for 5th Graders during the current school year. 

Para que los estudiantes de quinto grado puedan asistir, el costo total para TODOS los estudiantes debe recaudarse a través de donaciones voluntarias y recaudación de fondos. No se requiere que ningún estudiante / familia done el costo individual por estudiante, y no se asociarán donaciones con un estudiante individual. Todos los estudiantes, independientemente de su capacidad de pago, están invitados a asistir al campamento.

IMPORTANTE: Todas las donaciones serán para el fondo total del campamento de ciencias, no para estudiantes individuales. No habrá reembolsos por donaciones realizadas a través de donaciones voluntarias o esfuerzos de recaudación de fondos. Si ningún estudiante asiste al Campamento de Ciencias (evento cancelado), los fondos donados se utilizarán para una actividad alternativa para los estudiantes de quinto grado durante el año escolar actual.

Questions? Please see our PTO 5th Grade Science Camp Funding FAQ linked here: 

¿Preguntas? Por favor, consulte las preguntas frecuentes sobre la financiación del campamento de ciencias de quinto grado de la PTO, que se encuentran vinculadas aquí:

Science Camp FAQ