The Trace PTO sponsors different after school enrichment programs throughout the year. For equitability we are holding a random lottery for spaces into the programs. Programs are available to all interested Trace students. Scholarships are available to families who need fees waived.

El PTO de Trace patrocina diferentes programas de enriquecimiento después de la escuela durante todo el año. Por equidad, estamos realizando una lotería aleatoria de espacios en los programas. Los programas están disponibles para todos los estudiantes de Trace interesados. Las becas están disponibles para las familias que necesitan una exención de las tarifas.

This Winter we’re excited to offer: 

  • Skate After School Beginner & Intermediate (1st – 5th grades ONLY)
    Mondays, 1/23- 3/6, 2:25-3:35
  • Brick Techniques: Advanced STEM (K – 2nd grades ONLY)
    Tuesdays, 1/17 – 3/14, 2:25-3:55pm
  • Bucketeers Drumming (TK – 2nd grades ONLY)
    Wednesdays, 1/18 – 3/15, 2:25-3:00pm
  • Brick Techniques: Spike Robotics (3rd – 5th grades ONLY)
    Thursdays, 1/19 – 3/16, 2:25-3:55pm

Registration / Registro

Registration for the program lottery starts NOW through Friday December 23rd at 9pm. Please complete this form (English) to be entered into the lottery.

La inscripción para la lotería del programa comienza AHORA hasta viernes 23 de diciembre a las 9:00 pm. Complete este formulario (español) para participar en la lotería.


  • NO classes will meet during Trace February Break (February 20-24) 
  • The PTO is covering a substantial portion of the program costs to offer the low prices indicated. Scholarships are available to families who need fees waived.
  • Preference will be given to students who have not participated in a previous PTO After School Program (Spring & Fall 2022)
  • Please complete this form only once for each student
  • Send questions to [email protected]


  • No habrá clases durante las vacaciones de Trace February (20-24 de febrero)
  • El PTO está cubriendo una parte sustancial de los costos del programa para ofrecer los precios bajos indicados.
  • Las becas están disponibles para las familias que necesitan una exención de las tarifas.
  • Se dará preferencia a los estudiantes que no hayan participado en un programa extracurricular anterior de PTO (primavera y otoño de 2022)
  • Complete este formulario solo una vez para cada estudiante
  • Enviar preguntas a [email protected]

Program Information

Skate After School: Beginner & Intermediate
Mondays, 1/23- 3/6, 2:25-3:35
1st – 5th grades ONLY, $130

Go Go Skateboarding will be on campus with a program fit for all levels and abilities. With safety at a top priority students will be introduced to skateboard fundamentals where we will learn to be creative, overcome fears, & never give up!

Brick Techniques: Advanced STEM
Tuesdays, 1/17 – 3/14, 2:25-3:55pm
K – 2nd grades ONLY, $125

Calling all LEGO® builders! Join us in this new advanced LEGO® building class where participants will learn engineering principals with hands on projects. Each day students will be introduced to a new project that showcases a STEM concept. Using motors to power projects participants will get the opportunity to bring their creations to life and advance their LEGO® building techniques. From 4×4 cars to conveyer belts this class will teach students everything they need to build a strong foundation in engineering.

There are no prerequisites for this class.

Bucketeers Drumming
Wednesdays, 1/18 – 3/15, 2:25-3:00pm
TK – 2nd grades ONLY, $80

Bucketeers is a mobile drum school and the brainchild of drummer/teacher/author Andy Ziker. Applying a color-coded system to five-gallon buckets allows children to learn the art of percussion as young as three years old. Bucket drumming provides a unique, fun learning environment for children. It allows them to collaborate while developing self-expression, learn to play a variety of rhythms patterns, and gain an understanding of melody and syllables.

Brick Techniques: Spike Robotics 
Thursdays, 1/19 – 3/16, 2:25-3:55pm
3rd – 5th grades ONLY, $125

Brick Tech is happy to introduce our newest robotics class using LEGO’s Spike Prime® system. In this course students will build projects that will introduce robotics concepts while also learning to program with a scratch based programming language. Projects will include use of color, distance, and touch sensors.

There are no prerequisites for this class.