Trace Elementary is a dedicated Visual Performing Arts (VPA) School, one of the only public schools to provide drama, art, and music for every child during the school day. Every student at Trace performs on stage or in a video at least once per school year. Trace also offers before and/or after school VPA programs–Drama, Choir, Band, and Strings!

Trace PTO helps fund equipment, instruments, costumes, supplies, and personnel (the Choir teacher) for Trace Elementary’s VPA programs.

Trace Elementary School has been a public visual and performing arts elementary school for over 40 years. The Trace Visual & Performing Arts Booster Club was founded in 2019 separate from the Trace PTO who are committed to supporting the arts at Trace Elementary School. See their website for more details and information about shows, tickets, Early Morning Drama, and FAQs.

The Importance of the ARTS/VPA in Childhood Learning

Studies show that offering VPA to students provides benefits in terms of academic, social and emotional outcomes and better prepares them for the workplace by:

  • improving scores in all academic areas
  • expanding vocabulary, verbal communication and memory
  • preparing well-rounded learners and leaders
  • enhancing student creativity
  • fostering a love for learning
  • developing better team players
  • lowering discipline rates
  • raising attendance
  • reducing school drop-out rates

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