The Trace Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) is first and foremost, a support system for the school. When the district is unable to provide funding or opportunities, the PTO steps up to help build a richer school environment.

Supporting Merritt Trace Elementary

651 Dana Avenue
San Jose, CA 95126
(408) 535-6257

Trace PTO typically sponsors school events throughout the year to create a stronger community bond and create memories for the students that will hopefully last a lifetime. Many of these events are fundraisers. The PTO is a 501c non-profit organization and all proceeds through fundraising efforts come back to directly benefit the school.

Trace PTO helps fund:

  • equipment, costumes, and supplies for our drama, art, and music classes (part of the Visual Performing Arts Program) provided for all Trace students
  • the Choir teacher
  • instruments for our after-school strings and band program
  • the annual Science Fair
  • after school enrichment programs (e.g. programming classes, etc.)
  • school supplies
  • Project Cornerstone parent volunteer programs that build student character, support anti-bullying lessons, and expand cultural awareness

This year, we plan to continue to support these programs as needed and are always working closely with administration to help assist in whatever way we can. We are sending out surveys to teachers to see what is needed to support online learning and we also highly encourage parents, teachers, and administration (whether a PTO member or not)  to submit proposals at any time for anything they think might be beneficial to the school.

If you have a question, concern or suggestion please feel free to contact any or all of us! You can reach the co-presidents at any time and we can figure out a solution or connect you with someone who can. Email Vanessa Marvin and Sara Grace Vann (2022-2023 co-presidents) at [email protected]

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